About Us

Experience & Expertise.

The company was started in July 1996 by Heather Batchelor who after completing a B.A. degree in French and German, enrolled to complete her Master’s Degree in Translation (French, German and English).

Heather then proceeded to do a two-year trilingual commercial course in Switzerland at the Ecole Moderne de Commerce et de Langues (French, German and English). She then spent a year studying in Spain, firstly at the language School “Hispanico, Colegio de studio practicas”, perfecting her Spanish. Finally, she completed a Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish at the University of Salamanca.

H.B.Translation Services is now providing translation and editing services in many different countries and on 4 different continents, constantly adapting to meet new technological standards in the translation industry.

Continued Professional Development

Heather is a member of the South African Translator’s Institute (SATI) and the Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ITI) in the UK.

She exceeded the quota of CPD hours for the 2022 to 2023 year and tries to keep abreast of the latest technology in translation and to continuously improve the quality of her work. Some of the courses include: The 22 most underexploited tech tools for translators, Hidden Gems in Trados Studio, Keeping your English in the Era of NMT, Advanced Training MemoQ and Multidisciplinary Medical Translation.

Heather works actively on improving her languages daily, including her Italian and Portuguese.